Book Review: The Martian


Full disclosure, I’m not a reader nor ever have been. High school consisted of skimming over CliffsNotes and other other reading guides (sorry, mom). Looking back on it, it’s something I regret as there are a ton of literary classics I missed out on. I’ve made a real conscious effort to diversify my hobbies as of late and have had pretty good success, and reading seemed like a no-brainer. I challenge you to find a hobby that has a better value in terms of monetary investment per hours spent. The problem is, I’m ridiculously picky about what genres I like. I like science fiction, but not science fiction that gets too caught up in being science fiction. I like fantasy, but not fantasy that makes cringe at the inevitable reaction I’d get if I had to explain it to someone. Some young adult books are pretty good, but I’m a grown man! As a result, I usually end up looking into books friends or family are reading, and if it has favorable reviews, pick it up. It usually doesn’t end well. I’ll push through as far as I can, but usually have a good idea by page 100 or so if the book is for me. Continue reading